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Update – September 2015

Well it’s been a busy few months! Lots of composing and not much else. 13 part documentary “With Bicycle I Travel” Season 3 and British crime thriller “Rise Of The Footsoldier 2” are both now complete. Now I begin on CBBC’s Eve (series 2). Keep an eye out for new music on my website coming very soon…


Eve (CBBC) – Original Score

I composed over 4 hours of music for this cbbc series. It was the most challenging project I have ever worked on but I loved it! Such a great series that people are responding really well to. Below is a small selection of tracks.


With Bicycle I Travel 2 (Dengan Basikal Aku Menjelajah 2) – Original Score

Zahariz Khuzaimah continues his journey in the second season of With Bicycle I Travel (Dengan Basikal Aku Menjelajah). This season takes us through Mongolia, China and on to Kyrgyzstan. With so many different cultures experienced, the music possibilities were endless! A huge thanks to the brilliant musicians who collaborated with me on this score. Anna Wedderburn, Viara Ivanova & Lih Qun.


With Bicycle I Travel 1 (Dengan Basikal Aku Menjelajah 1) – Original Score

Zahariz Khuzaimah begins his incredible journey in the first season of With Bicycle I Travel season 1. Shot over several months, he travels through Europe and Scandanavia, filming his adventures and life on the road with just him and his bicycle. Inspiring stuff!


Livingston Desginer Outlet – TV Commercial

For this tv commercial, both the director and producer wanted a contemporary indie rock track that had a raw, unpolished sound. So i wipped out my Ibanez guitar, hooked it up to Guitar Rig and away I went. Lots of fun had as per usual!